Buyers Deposit Service

GunDogsDirect have introduced the Safe Deposit Service providing you the buyers security and peace of mind when purchasing a new gundog. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW TO SEE HOW THE DEPOSIT SERVICE WORKS
Here is some information on what we recommend is safe practice when purchasing a new gundog.
1. Search the GunDogsdirect website for the gundog you want.
  1. 2. When you have selected the gundog you want make contact with the breeder/seller over the phone or via email to ensure the gundog is still available. You MUST do this before you pay any deposit!
  2. 3. Arrange a viewing in person to view the gundog, if this is not possible arrange a video link so that you see the breeder and the gundog in question. Here you are free to ask the breeder/seller all the question you want to ensure you are totally satisfied with your selection.
  3. 4.ONLY when you are totally happy with the gundog you have selected and you have seen the gundog in person do we advice that you pay the deposit via the GunDogsDirect Safe Deposit Service which can be found on the advert under the contact details.
  4. 5. A point to note, is that all deposits are non refundable unless the gundog is in poor health on the day of delivery or the beeder/seller agree’s to refund his or her’s deposit. So please make sure you are committed to purchasing a new gundog before you start this process! Simply changing your mind or a change in your circumstances doesn't warrant a deposit refund.
  5. 6. Emails from the GunDogsDirect Safe Deposit Service will be sent to both parties promoting you both on how funds are released to the breeder/seller, please follow the simple instructions as you go along. All communcations from the point will come from TrustAp and not GunDogsDirect.
  6. 7. When it’s time to collect your new gundog use the emails sent by the Deposit Service to release the deposit to the breeder/seller and pay any outstanding balance in person.
  7. 8. Congratulations on purchasing your new gundog, you have successfully used the GunDogsDirect Safe Deposit Service.
  8. 9. When you the buyer use's the GunDogsDirect Safe Deposit Service you the buyer are subject to our decisions should you wish to dispute the return of your deposit. If you are not in agreement with this point we ask that you do not use the GunDogsDirect Safe Deposit Service supplied by TrustAp. A dispute must be raised within 48 hours of collection of the dog otherwise you waiver your right to dispute the return of the deposit and GunDogsDirect will not take responsibility for your purschase from a third party. The breeders that advertise their dogs on the website do not represent GunDogsDirect in any way!
  9. 10. If you the buyer wish to pull out of the purchase of the gundog at any stage after paying your deposit you can do so but you will lose the right to claim back your deposit and any fees unless of the following (a) The dog is of ill health on the day of collection and you have a vet's note within 24 hours of collection to prove your claim, so not fit for sale. or (b) The breeder/seller agree's to refund the deposit back minus any escrow fees. Again if you are not in agreement of these two terms please do not use the service.
  10. The Deposits are held by TrustAp and not by GunDogsDirect. Information about TrustAp can be found here
  11. Should you have any further question please don't hesitate to contact