FTCh x FTAW Springer pups from health tested parents - June 2019

Our beautiful Field Trial Award Winner bitch Ria presented us with six lovely puppies on May 25, two boys and four girls. One B/W boy, one L/W boy, two B/W girls and two L/W girls. The litter has been legally docked and pups have an excellent working pedigree. Both the sire and dam are DNA Clear for four serious conditions which affect Springers - Progressive Retinal Atrophy Cord 1 which causes blindness, Fucosidosis a fatal metabolic disorder, Phosphofructokinase Deficiency which impairs energy and hence working ability and Acral Mutilation Syndrome where the dog has no sensitivity in its paws and can chew them to the bone. All these pups are Hereditary Clear for these distressing conditions and will never suffer from them. The sire is Field Trial Champion Kilhopemoss Firestorm, Biggles to his friends, a handsome B/W Springer of a good size and able to work the full day on a shoot as well as having hunting and retrieving skills required to be a FTCh - nose, drive and biddability. Biggles is the grandson of International Field Trial Champion Annickview Breeze who won the UK Championship twice 2005 and 2007 and also the Irish Championship 2007. The dam Sgurr Ria Of Tyne At Tynegrove also has Annickview Breeze as granddam. Ria is fully health tested being Hereditary Clear for PRA Cord 1, Fuco, PFK and AMS. Her BVA Eyetest is Clear 2018 and PLA Grade 1 2018. Her hip score is 4/3 total 7, nicely below the Breed Median score of 10, and elbow score 0 - the best score. Ria's parents are hip and elbow scored, 3/3 and 5/4, both with elbows 0 and her maternal grandparents are hip scored too. Although Ria has done some field trialling she has worked mainly as a rough shooters dog on rabbits, birds and wildfowl at Tynegrove but returning to Sgurr in 2018, she has worked shoots over the last season. The pups have outstanding working lines with 11 UK and Irish Champions in their 5 generation pedigree and they will be KC Registered, Microchipped and have Docking Certificates for homing. We can arrange for a first vaccination at 8 weeks but it is preferable that your vet does the vaccination and gives the pup a health check. Pups will be seen again by our vet before homing and also have Litter Screening for Multifocal Retinal Dysplacia. They are being reared in a home environment with appropriate socialisation for their age. As well as being high drive working dogs both sire and dam have excellent temperaments and can happily chill out. We are happy to provide references from people who already have Sgurr puppies as we have been breeding health tested dogs since 2006. We have pups throughout Scotland and the UK and also in Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands. First contact with us is best by e-mail so we can send out to you further information and pedigrees. All Ria's health tests can be independently verified on The Kennel Club website mykc.org.uk but Biggles results are not yet posted so we have copies of the certificates to send out by e-mail.
Price £650.00 (none)
Sale Type Private Sale
Location Isle of Skye - Inverness-shire
Breed Springer Spaniels